Legacy Assurance

About Us

Legacy Assurance is a company committed to reducing the financial and emotional stress that can come with planning a funeral at the time of need.  Not only are we determined to help our clients organize their wishes for final arrangements, but we are also proud to offer funeral merchandise at a fraction of what it would cost from a funeral home. 

We even take our dedication to our clients a step further by acting as liaison between their loved ones and the funeral home, ensuring that the selected plan is carried out with minimal stress to those who must see to the final arrangements.  By choosing Legacy Assurance, you can rest assured that your family will have an advocate they can trust by their side during this emotionally trying time.


We at Legacy Assurance are dedicated professionals who pride ourselves on the following:
Legacy AssuranceProviding outstanding customer service
Legacy AssuranceOnly carrying and offering quality products
Legacy AssuranceOffering fair prices


Our values are simple. We believe in:
Legacy AssuranceHonesty
Legacy AssuranceIntegrity
Legacy AssuranceTreating people the way we would like to be treated

These values are simple, but they carry a lot of weight. We pride ourselves on staying true to our mission, our values, and our members.