Legacy Assurance Plans


Legacy Assurance prides itself on offering high-quality merchandise to its members.  We offer a variety of merchandise from some of the most popular casket designs to customizable monuments and markers.  Our goal is not only to provide great merchandise, but to do it at a fraction of the cost.


Caskets  »

We offer a variety of high quality caskets priced to save you and/or your family money.  »View our featured caskets » 

                                                                                             »View additional casket selections » 

Urns  »

We offer a variety of high quality urns made from brass or alloy.  »View our featured urns »


Monuments  »

The monuments are tailored to your needs with a wide selection of size, shape, and color combinations as well as customizable text.  » View our monuments»

Burial Vaults  »

The burial vaults have been constructed to achieve superior strength, durability, and ease of installation.  Although they are designed to withstand 20,000 pounds of top-loaded pressure, they are surprisingly lightweight due to the fiberglass construction.  The combination of reduced weight and built-in handles makes them relatively easy to install. » View our burial vaults »



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